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“Dr. Iliff has provided to me courteous and professional service during my journey to obtaining and learning to wear hearing aids.

The entire staff is knowable and always willing to assist me when I have minor problems and need an appointment.

I will refer anyone who has a hearing problem to Colorado Hearing Specialists knowing that they will get super service.”
Edward Mangelsen – Centennial, CO 10/10/2014

“I have been receiving my hearing care from John Molina at Colorado Hearing Specialist for many years. I have complete trust in his ability to diagnose what my hearing impairments are, and to provide the best available hearing aids to offset my hearing loss, increasing my ability to not only hear better but also to understand better what I am hearing.”
George Yarborough – Aurora, CO 7/1/2014

“I was one that kept putting off getting help with my hearing problem. After my first appointment with Dr. Molina, I knew that I had made the right move. He was very helpful and so patient in explaining everything to me. A big “thank you” to Dr. Molina and to Julie and the office staff. I LOVE my hearing aids !!”
Rosann Markano – Aurora, CO 6/22/2014

“Dr. Molina has been so awesome in the care of my mom. He has patiently adjusted her hearing aids, and treated her with such respect and caring. We would not go anywhere else!”
Sharlotte Scott and Audrey Anderson – Parker, CO 6/13/2014

“Colorado Hearing Specialists are excellent! Last June I purchased a crossover wireless hearing aid from them. ( I have only 1 ear with hearing.) Dr. IIiff handled my situation and fitting of my apparatus with great professionalism.
Earlier this month I encountered a problem with my hearing aids. I called and was given an appointment for the next day. Dr. Molina took care of my problem and reviewed the instructions that I was given when they were new. THESE FOLKS ARE GREAT! Both of them. There expertise and knowledge is without question. Most important, they listen to you when you are talking. (A lot of medical professional don`t). I highly recommend them to anybody with a hearing problem!”
James A. Shields III – Parker, CO 5/11/2014

“Dr. Molina ia AWESOME. I have never had anyone take the time to make sure I am well informed and have a true understanding of my hearing aids. I purchased a set at Sams Club, took them back, then I purchased at Costco, took them back. Now I have great hearing aids and a Dr. who is always available for any questions I have or anything I need. The filters on my hearing aids, are small and with the arthritis in my hands, I have trouble, he has offered for me to walk in anytime at no cost and he will change them for me. I love the office and the staff. If you want the best of the best, give Dr, Molina a call.”
Vickie Click – Centennial, CO 5/7/2014

Dr. Molina and the team at Colorado Hearing Specialists have been life savers! From the first moment, the first phone call, I felt that the person on the other end was just different…..they cared. The ladies in the office great us with smiles and friendly conversation. They are always ready for us and we have never had to wait more than a few minutes before we are called and the doctor sees us.

Our journey to Dr. Molina was a long one. My 22 year old son had a stroke and, as a result, he suffered 80% hearing loss. So many aspects of his life have been impacted by this loss. Just cooking a frozen pizza, a staple food for a 22 year old, has become a major task because he can’t hear the timer going off. No one likes burnt pizza! Communication became difficult, if not impossible, for my son.

Dr. Molina addressed, not only the issue of hearing, but a young man’s concerns about how the devices would look. It’s hard to catch a young girl’s eye if you have ugly hearing aids! It’s almost impossible to tell if the hearing aids are in. The biggest clue for me is when the TV is turned so low I can barely hear it.

I can’t say enough about the kind, caring and personal attention the staff at Colorado Hearing Specialists have given us!”

Laura Smith – Denver, CO 5/3/2014

“What a pleasant surprise. Although I often find myself asking people to repeat things, I didn’t think my hearing was poor enough to warrant a “fix”. Dr. Iliff conducted a thorough audiology exam while putting me at ease during the process. He was knowledgeable and professional, and ultimately provided a solution that enhanced my hearing. I am able to hear conversations now, in a comfortable, non-intrusive manner. High praise for the experience and the solution.”

Laurel Boyer – CO 2/5/2014

“Dr. Iliff, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for helping me resolve my hearing problems. Not only that but I appreciate you working with me to pick out the right set of hearing devices and staying within my budget. I feel like a new man now that I can hear what is going on around me and for that I am grateful!”

Bill Bentley- Franktown, CO

“I visited Colorado Hearing Specialists, Inc. to have custom hearing impressions made. Dr. Molina was very thoughtful and friendly: he took his time and did an expert job. Julie at the front desk was helpful and friendly as well. Thank you for the fantastic service.”
Anthony Urfer – Littleton, CO 1/27/2014

“Dr. Molina made every effort to fit me with hearing aids. He was very attentive, both to my emotional needs, and physical/technical problems. His goal always seemed to be my long term satisfaction. I would recommend him to anyone with hearing problems.”
David Ockers – Denver, CO 1/25/2014

“I was very hesitant in getting a hearing aid, but Dr. Iliff was very good in working with me. I now love my hearing aid and am able to hear sounds I did not realize were there. Thank you for working with me so patiently!”
Barbara Eidt – Aurora, CO 12/27/2013

“Thanks for your professional care. The hearing devices are working great!”
Jim McDonald – Aurora, CO 12/12/2013

“Great service and very professional. Always willing to go the extra mile for patients.”
Leslie Todd Scheiber – Parker, CO 12/5/2013

“I have found a caring and experienced Doctor that has helped me hear and explained to my understanding.”
Alfred Catron – Aurora, CO 9/17/2013

“I have found this organization to be excellent in know how and expertise. They have taken very good care of my hearing problems. I now can hear as I did as a young man. I recommend them!
Jack Dutson – Bennett, CO

“I am so thankful I came here. It has made a difference in my life. I thought I was going to have to live with the ear noise.”
Myrna Baker – Parker, CO

“I appreciated the careful evaluation done by Dr. Iliff. The conclusion led to a selection of hearing aids that really work for me. This has naturally changed my business and personal life for the better. This is my second time around and this time it worked and made a difference!”
Paul Beninati – Aurora, CO

“Thanks to Dr. Molina I can really hear my grandchildren. Thank you John for giving me my hearing back!”
Bill Leech – Parker, CO

“Dr. Molina has always taken his time to make sure the hearing aids work well. I am happy to recommend him.”
Z. Edward O’Relley – Aurora, CO

“I was very pleased with the help and service from Dr. Molina. Excellent care and I highly recommend Colorado Hearing Specialists”.
Jim MacDonald – Parker, CO

“I am very happy with the service that I received from Dr. Iliff at Colorado Hearing Specialists. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent care”.
Else Beckmann – Aurora, CO

“I’m very glad that I was referred to Dr. Molina because he has provided hearing aids that work for me. In the past, I bought in-the-canal hearing aids that I only used for a few months because they were not comfortable. Dr. Molina suggesed I try behind-the-ear hearing aids and they work great”.
Douglas West – Centennial, CO

“My father is 89 years old. He has been wearing cheap hearing aids for years. Finally, once he received his hearing aids from Dr. Molina he grinned from ear to ear. I can tell he wants to engage in conversation in more depth”.
Kristen Sorensen (daughter of Richard Pantzar) – Centennial, CO

“I have only my right ear for hearing and I cannot say enough about how great my experience has been with Dr. Iliff and Colorado Hearing Specialists. My whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive in all areas!”
James Shields – Parker, CO

“I’ve always had professional service from both Dr. Molina and Dr. Iliff. Most recently Dr. Iliff fitted me with the new Starkey in-the-canal aids. Had some minor issues with these so Dr. Iliff ordered me the new Oticon aids. They are terrific!! The entire staff, including Julie, are always so helpful and welcoming.”
Bob Garland – Parker, CO

“My ears are wonderful! I can hear clearly and I don’t even know the hearing aids are in my ears! Dr. Molina is great!”
Barbara R. Davidson Parker, CO

“I want to let you know that 48 hours after Canalith Repositioning Procedure done, my mom Susan Monar is so much better!!! She is feeling pretty well and we would like to say THANKS to Dr. Molina and the entire staff. You are very professional. Thank you! “.
Marco Prado – Aurora, CO

“Dr. Iliff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my hearing  loss. Dr. Iliff was a delight in making my hearing loss a thing of the past. His professionalism was welcome and I will be a patient for life!”
Michael D., – Aurora, CO

“I knew I needed hearing aids but where to get them that my needs would be met, I could trust the audiologists, their products and the service required?

I learned of Dr. John Molina who came from his family’s practice of audiology. I found that several friends and a relative were already being cared for by this group. When Dr. Molina opened his practice I started with him. Personal referrals are always better than listings in the yellow pages.

Another plus is being able to have a two month trial of the hearing aids rather than only one month as others do and with a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

I began my association with Dr. Molina in May of 2009 and have been very pleased. Sometime ago, Dr. Michael Iliff joined partnership with Dr. Molina and I feel very comfortable and confident with him as well.

I am 80 years old and I sure wish some of my friends would address their hearing loss to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.”
Nancy R. Douglas – Aurora, CO

“Dr. Iliff, Dr. Molina and Staff – Thank you so very much for your kindness. We truly appreciate it. It is people like you that make this world a better place!”
Ella G. – Lone Tree, CO

“Dr. Iliff was friendly and worked hard at fitting me physically and financially with the right devices! They were great!”
Sharon D. – Parker, CO

“Outstanding personal and professional service for both my husband (John) and I.”
Kezia D. – Aurora, CO

“Dr. Molina was very patient and professional in working with my 99 year old mother to get the appropriate hearing aid for her.”
Thomas S. – Parker, CO

“Thorough audiology check – very professional”
Charlie W. – Parker, CO

“Excellent Service. Very Pleased.”
John M. – Centennial, CO

“Knowledgeable, Efficient, Friendly.”
Don L. – Centennial, CO

“I have already recommended Colorado Hearing Specialists to my whole family and several friends. Dr. Molina is extremely knowledgeable in his field.”
Aaron G. – Englewood, CO

“Both audiologists Michael Iliff and John Molina go out of their way to provide excellent service and products.”
Bill H. – Castle Rock, CO

“I would recommend Dr. Michael Iliff with the utmost confidence to anyone looking for hearing related services. His patient-centric approach and kind manner allows him to focus on the needs of the individual. He is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the state and has served his patients and community with the highest integrity.”
D’Anne Rudden, Au.D. -Longmont Hearing Center – Longmont, CO

“Greatly exceeded our expectations in quantity and quality of assistance. Very generous in time, explaining options. Outstanding!!!”
Robert D. – Parker, CO

“Very helpful for a first time hearing aid user.”
Tom C. – Aurora, CO

“Professional, courteous and knowledgeable staff.”
Jerry S. – Parker, CO

“Dr. Molina is very helpful, explains everything thoroughly and did not get upset when I had to ask a lot of questions.”
Mary C. – Aurora, CO

“John Molina provides the utmost in personal care for my hearing loss needs. Very Professional and very courteous.”
Lisa Latorre – Parker, CO

“My son and I had special needs both for product and service. They worked extra hard to meet our time restrictions and provide great product choices and concern for our special needs.”
Curtis D.Morgan Jr. – Aurora, CO

“Wonderful service, great support. Always took time to answer questions.”
Shannon Matricardi – Parker, CO

I have been a patient of Dr. Molina’s for the past year. I can say that Dr. Molina is exceptionally proficient and supportive in all aspects of my hearing loss. He is a true professional who cares about his patients and who pursues only the best for those of us with this type of disability. He is an accreted educator in his field. Dr. Molina is a qualified skilled specialist who seeks to assist us by providing the most current and practical information to enhance our hearing deficiency. Additionally, all staff members at the Colorado Hearing Specialists, Inc. are friendly, helpful, and courteous employees who always have a warm greeting to enrich our visits each time. Thank you for all your care and in the courteous manner in which you are handling my hearing loss.
Bob Sitko– Centennial, CO