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Our Care

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At Colorado Hearing Specialists, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of medically-oriented diagnostic and treatment services for hearing. Our Doctors of Audiology will evaluate the patients’ hearing range, and if necessary, help them select from a wide variety of hearing technology and assistive listening devices. We also provide comprehensive care for tinnitus and dizziness.


-Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hearing Disorders for Adults and Children
-Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment
-Dizziness Evaluation and Treatment
-Advanced Digital Hearing Technology Prescribed For Specific Range of Hearing
-Aural Rehabilitation and Counseling, including Assistive Listening Devices
-Custom Made Ear-Plugs for Swimmers, Sports Enthusiasts, Musicians, Industrial Workers,etc.
-Hearing Aid Repair

Colorado Hearing Specialist is affiliated with Ear, Nose and Throat of Parker and Dr. William Dickey. The two practices work and share the same practice space at Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker, Colorado.


-State of the Art Evaluations and Treatment of Sinus Disease
-Allergy Treatment
-Rhinitus / Sinusitis
-Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
-Vertigo and Dizziness
-Swallowing and Voice Disorders
-Thyroid Disease
-Parathyroid Disease

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